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About Us

Welcome To Instyleco Printing!

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Instyle Printing Inc.,(dba: Unique Color Embroidery Screen Printing Inc.,), founded in 1990, is a professional and experienced printing company for the garment industry. Our office is located at 2115 Central Ave., South El Monte, Ca. Our company philosophy is: Unique Quality, Competitive Price and Excellent Services.

Our Services:

* Silk Screen Printing * Heat Transfer

* Platisol: Glitter, Foil, High Density * Hot Fix Stone

* Puff, Gel Print, Plasticharge * Heat Transfer Flocking

* Water Base * Sequins Heat Transfer

* Discharge * Packing

* Flocking * Automatic Tagging Machine

* Burn out * Automatic Packing Machine

* Embroidery * Hanger Packing

* Applique Embroidery

* Metallic Embroidery

* Hand Stitch

Our Capacity :

* Screen Printing 7.2hrs no flash per machine 3000pcs

* Without Flash, 17,200 pcs/per day

* With Flash, 12800 pcs/per day

* Embroidery:

* Below 3000 stitches 4,000 pcs/per day

You can be assure that your order will be complete on time within budget and under quality control. Whether your company require single or full service: from screen service, to embroidery, to heat transfer, and garment packing, Instyle Printing Inc can customize your order to fit your company’s individual needs.

At Instyle Printing we are confident that you will find a business partner you can rely on.